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Intervention and Curative Effect of Chinese Patent Medications in the Clinical Treatment of COVID-19  

Manman Li1 , Jianli Zhong1,2
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International Journal of Clinical Case Reports, 2020, Vol. 10, No. 2   
Received: 19 May, 2020    Accepted: 19 May, 2020    Published: 19 May, 2020
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During the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, Chinese doctors used Chinese patent medications to treat the patients infected by SARS-Cov-2. Through the clinical cases of COVID-19 treated by traditional Chinese patent medications, this study analyzes the intervention of traditional Chinese patent medications and the clinical efficacy of "three medications and three prescriptions", further discusses the role and prospect of traditional medicine in the clinical treatment of COVID-19, and tries to provide reference for traditional medicine and herbal medications in the clinical treatment of sudden diseases of unknown etiology.
SARS-Cov-2; COVID-19; Chinese patent medications; Traditional medicine, Herbal medication

(The advance publishing of the abstract of this manuscript does not mean final published, the end result whether or not published will depend on the comments of peer reviewers and decision of our editorial board.)

(The advance publishing of the abstract of this manuscript does not mean final published, the end result whether or not published will depend on the comments of peer reviewers and decision of our editorial board.)
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International Journal of Clinical Case Reports
• Volume 10
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