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MedSci Publisher, is an international open access publishing platform that publishes scientific journals in the field of medical science. The range of topics including clinical case, clinical medicine, new variations in disease processes, cancer genetics, cancer epigenetics, clinical pharmacology, cancer biology, etc. and other topical advisory subjects.

CrossCheck powered by All research articles published in MedSci Publisher are permanently deposited in international digital repositories and are free to access online. All articles published in MedSci Publisher journals are tracked by all search engines such as All research articles first published in English in MedSci Publiser journals will be possibly translated into other different languages under the terms of the Publish your article with MedSci Publisher and join thousands of authors who have already experienced the benefits of open access publishing and reach the largest possible audience of bioscientific professionals within your field.

■  MedSci Publisher dedicates itself to publishing 
medical journals

■  All research articles published in MedSci Publisher journal can be freely accessed, reused and redistributed
■  Publications in MedSci Publisher are easy to be cited and tracked

Why is MedSci Publisher an independent open access publishing platform?

As most authors have public funds to publish their research works, MedSci Publisher supports the opinion that taxpayers have the right to share the public-funded research achievements.

The journals published in MedSci Publisher cover the basic research, applied research, technology innovation and application in the field of 
medical sciences. The research articles published in MedSci Publisher journals are all open access, peer reviewed and automatically checked iThenticate. Besides, MedSci Publisher also offers regular print version for subscription and promotion.

MedSci Publisher, as a publishing platform, integrates the online powerful tools in it for article submission, peer review and editorial decision. If a biologist or NGO wants to set up an online open access journal of their own research field, MedSci Publisher will provide free technical support and convenient service program.

Authors publishing with MedSci Publisher retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

All research articles published in MedSci Publisher are archived without delay in several international archives, and MedSci Publisher encourages authors to self-archive.

MedSci Publisher clearly hold that the citation frequency of the research article is an important indicator to measure the levels of journals, and the numbers of which will guide the scientists' decision to choose which journal to publish their research results. Therefore, MedSci Publisher strives to make sure that the citing and tracking functions are effective. All articles published in MedSci Publisher are tracked by Scopus and Google Scholar, making it convenient for the authors to see how many times their own research has been cited.